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Staking with Polkadot JS

This document describes how you can stake to Opentensor Foundation using Polkadot JS.

Also see

Also see Staking.

In addition to running your own subnet miner or subnet validator, you can delegate your TAO to the Opentensor Foundation validation pool. Delegating TAO simply means you are staking to the Opentensor Foundation's validator, instead of running your own subnet validator. To take back your staked TAO from the pool at any time, you can simply undelegate your TAO.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Add your Bittensor wallet to the Polkadot Extension wallet in your browser (you will need your mnemonic to do this). After you have done so, navigate to Polkadot JS and your account will be displayed there.

  2. Navigate to Developer > Extrinsics.


  3. In the drop-down, select subtensorModule.


  4. In the drop-down menu for the subtensorModule, select addStake.


  5. Paste the hotkey of the delegate in the box labeled hotkey.


  6. In the box labeled amountStaked, input, in units of Rao, the amount of TAO that you wish to stake to this delegate.

    Note that 1 TAO = 109 Rao. Therefore, if you wish to stake 1 TAO, then input 1000000000 (1 followed by nine zeros). If you wish to stake 10 TAO, then input 10000000000 (1 followed by ten zeros), and so on.


  7. After you have verified the keys and amounts, click Submit Transaction to sign and submit this transaction to be included on the chain.