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Bittensor Release Notes

The following are the release notes for the Bittensor software:

12 June 2024: Release 7.2.0


Starting with 7.2.0, usage of the nest_asyncio package is deprecated. If you use nest_asyncio then make sure to explicitly add it to your project dependencies. In the next major release, the nest_asyncio will be removed from the bittensor package.

New features and enhancements

The terminal output print of the subnet hyperparameters is enhanced from its current raw U16 and U64 format to human-readable versions. For example, max_weight_limit was displayed previously as 65535 but now enhanced to display 1.0.

Fixed issues

  • Nonce implementation is enhanced against replay attack vulnerability. Previously nonces were converted to monotonic numbers. In the fixed version a nonce is converted to timestamp and while verifying it a check is made for the version number.
  • Terminal display of subnet hyperparameters is enhanced to human-readable format.


Several enhancements such as dependency cleanups and better end-to-end tests are made to the code.

11 June 2024: Release 7.1.0

Breaking change

If you are directly using the function set_weights() in your Python module to set the root weights, then you have to now use the new function set_root_weights() to set the root weights. This new function now requires that you sign it with your coldkey. The previous set_weights() function was signed by the hotkey. This breaking change applies only for setting the root weights. If you are setting weights within a subnet, then there is no change.

See line of code for the new set_root_weights().

New features and enhancements

Commit Reveal

  • The commit reveal feature that addresses the weight copying issue is now available in this 7.1.0 version on the mainchain.
  • The following new btcli command options are added to use the commit reveal feature:
    • btcli wt commit
    • btcli wt reveal
  • The following new subnet hyperparameters are added to support the commit reveal feature:
    • commit_reveal_weights_interval (integer): Specify the desired number of blocks of delay before revealing the weights.
    • commit_reveal_weights_enabled (boolean): Set this hyperparameter to True to enable the commit reveal feature.
  • For a detailed description of the feature and how to use it, see the Commit Reveal document.


  • Emissions are now recycled for those subnets that have registration turned off.
  • The btcli root weights command now uses a new function set_root_weights() behind the scenes and uses the coldkey to sign the transaction. There is no change in how you use this command.

Fixed issue

Previousy, due to a bug in Yuma Consensus implementation, the weights were not normalized before calculating subnet emissions. This bug is fixed in this update, so that the weights are now normalized before calculating subnet emissions.

28 May 2024: Release 7.0.0


  • Starting with this 7.0.0 release, the torch library is no longer used by default. Instead, the numpy library is used. However, you can still use torch by setting the environment variable USE_TORCH=1 and making sure that you have installed the torch library. See Install Bittensor doc.
  • Pydantic library used in Bittensor is updated to V2 (to Pydantic version 2.7.1).
  • Python 3.8 is no longer supported starting with this Bittensor 7.0.0 release.

New features and enhancements

  • Enhanced the btcli wallet regen_coldkey --mnemonic command which now supports passing the seed phrase as either a list of word strings, or a list of the entire seed phrase as a string, or the seed phrase as a string of space-separated words.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed the issue that gave the below error by enforcing the versioning for the eth-utils package:
    UserWarning: Network 345 with name 'Yooldo Verse Mainnet' does not have a valid ChainId. eth-typing should be updated with the latest networks
  • On Apple M1 systems, the following version dependencies are added to remove inconsistencies:
starlette , shtab and typing-extension based on the FastAPI version fastapi==0.110.1