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Subtensor Node Requirements

To run a public subtensor, make sure that your computer satisfies the following system requirements:

  • Currently only x86_64 Linux architecture is supported.
  • Subtensor requires approximately ~286 MiB to run.
  • Only Linux OS and macOS are supported.

Linux x86_64


  • Linux kernel 2.6.32+.
  • glibc 2.11+.

macOS x86_64


  • macOS 10.7+

Network requirements and port settings

After you install the subtensor as per the below instructions, make sure that you open network ports on your subtensor node. This will allow other peer subtensor nodes to connect to your subtensor node.

  • Your subtensor node must have access to the public internet.
  • Your subtensor node runs in an IPv4 network.

Port settings

Make sure that your subtensor node listens on the following ports:

  • 9944 - Websocket. This port is used by Bittensor. This port only accepts connections from localhost. Make sure this port is firewalled off from the public internet domain.
  • 9933 - RPC. This port should be opened but it is not used.
  • 30333 - p2p socket. This port should accept connections from other subtensor nodes on the internet. Make sure your firewall allows incoming traffic to this port.
  • We assume that your default outgoing traffic policy is ACCEPT. If not, make sure that outbound traffic on port 30333 is allowed.