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Subnet 32


It's AI: LLM Detection solution




This subnet focuses on the detection of AI-generated content. Given the rapid growth of LLM-generated text, such as ChatGPT's output of 100 billion words daily compared to humans' 100 trillion, we believe that the ability to accurately determine AI-generated text will become increasingly necessary.

For example, here are some scenarios where LLM detection is important:

  • For ML-engineers. Whether you are sourcing training data, developing a foundational LLM, or fine tuning on your own data, you need to ensure that generative text does not make it into your training set. We can help.
  • For teachers. While tools like ChatGPT offer numerous benefits for the educational sector, these tools also present opportunities for students to cheat on assignments and exams. Therefore, it is crucial to differentiate between responses authored by genuine students and those generated by LLMs.
  • For bloggers. Many bloggers are now faced with a lot of AI-generated comments in their social networks. These comments are not really meaningful, yet they attract the attention of their audience and promote unrelated products. With our subnet, you can easily identify which comments are ai-generated and automatically ban them.

And many more, like:

  • For writers. By utilizing an LLM detection system, writers can assess their text, segment by segment, to identify sections that appear machine-generated. This enables the writers to refine these areas to enhance the overall human-like quality of their writing.
  • For recruiting. Have you noticed these days you are receiving far more applications with lower candidate quality? AI has enabled people to spam the hiring teams with artificially written cover letters and assessments. We help you find the candidates who care about your mission and your quality standards.
  • For cyber security. Scammers can leverage LLMs to quickly and easily create realistic and personalized phishing emails. We can help you determine the provenance of any document or email you are reviewing.

As you can see there are a lot of areas where AI detection can be very helpful. We believe that this LLM-detection subnet not only is a useful tool at a good price for people to use, but it also encourages competition to make better and smarter ways to spot AI-generated content.

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