Configuring a miner

There are three ways to configure your miner:

  1. Command line arguments
  2. Configuration file
  3. Environment variables

Command line arguments take the highest priority with environmental variables being the lowest.

  • Command Line —> Config —> Environment Variables

Command line arguments

Command line arguments take the form of flags and can be strung to btcli calls or your miner run command.

For example, specify which port to use:

btcli run --axon.port <>

Full list of command line arguments

Configuration file

Another way to configure your miner is through the configuration file. To call upon a configuration file, pass:

--config.file <path_to_configuration_file>
# e.g.
btcli run --config.file my_config_directory/my_custom_config_file.txt

Refer to sample configuration files

Environment variables

The final way to configure a miner is through environment variables.

All environment variables have the same structure:

BT_<object name>_<parameter name>

To change an environment variable:


For example, if you wanted to specify the default port to 3000:

export BT_AXON_PORT=3000

Full list of environment variables