Basic btcli

Before you begin customizing your miner, it is useful to familiarize yourself with ourbtcli commands. Btcli is a command line interface to interact with Bittensor, and commands are used to monitor miner performance, transfer Tao, regenerate keys, and run a miner.

Running a miner

btcli run


For an overview of all possible btcli commands, enter:

btcli -h

For an overview of all possible flags, enter:

btcli help

For a complete list of all created keys, run:

btcli list

Both the "overview" and "inspect" commands are used to monitor your miner performance:

btcli overview 

btcli overview will display the specifics of your progress in the network, and includes your UID, state (active or inactive), stake, rank, trust, consensus, incentive, dividends, and emission. For more information about these performance indicators, refer to the "Consensus Mechanism" section.

btcli inspect 

btcli inspect will not display such a detailed analysis of your performance, but will allow you to see your key identifiers, fingerprints, network, balance, stake, and emission.

Transferring Tao

​ The "unstake" command will transfer Tao from a hotkey to your coldkey.

btcli unstake

The "stake" command will transfer Tao from your coldkey to a hotkey associated.

btcli stake 

To expedite longer staking and unstaking operations, you can string these flags to btcli stake and btcli unstake:

#stake or unstake from all hotkeys
#stake or unstake from a specific set of hotkeys
--wallet.hotkeys <>
#stake or unstake from all hotkeys while exluding a specific set of hotkeys
--wallet.exclude_hotkeys <>
#stake or unstake to a specific amount of stake on a hotkey
--max_stake <>

This command moves Tao between coldkeys. A .125 tao burn fee is applied.

btcli transfer

Key regeneration

If you lose access to your keys, they can be easily regenerated with the unique mnemonic device you were provided with upon initial creation.

Regen a full coldkey:

btcli regen_coldkey

To regen only the public portion of a coldkey:

btcli regen_coldkeypub --ss58 <>

Regen a hotkey:

btcli regen_hotkey


Nominate your hotkey as a delegate:

btcli nominate

Delegate stake to someone else's delegate hotkey:

btcli delegate

View a list of all delegate hotkeys:

btcli list_delegates

Show who you are delegating to:

btcli my_delegates