Finney Prompt Subnetwork

The very first subnetwork on the Finney Network -- prompt subnetworks -- is now available for mining and usage. The prompting subnetwork enables Bittensor to run many prompt neural networks such as GPT-3, GPT-4, ChatGPT, and others to perform decentralized inference. This allows users to communicate with the Validators on the network to get the output of the best performing models on the network to power their applications.

Hardware Requirements

The prompt subnetwork has largely the same hardware requirements as Subnet 3 on Finney. However, there is one exception to the Validators as they are performing more work since they are running a reward and gating model, and servers now respond with a longer response. Therefore we recommend at least 40GB vRAM (40 GB RAM if using only CPU) or above on each graphics card that is running a validator. This also means that running multiple Validators on one card is ill-advised and will likely result in your miner being de-registered. Note that you can still run Servers of any size on any graphics card.

If you are running one validator on multiple subnetworks, then you must make sure that your graphics card is able to hold all the Validators in each subnet. Thus it's best to dedicate one graphics card to each validator.


Registration in the prompt is performed the same way you have always registered. A Hotkey can be registered in multiple subnetworks, hence you can have one validator running in multiple subnetworks.

Usage instructions

To utilize the prompt subnetwork, run the following commands in your terminal.

cd ~/.bittensor/bittensor && git pull origin text_prompting
cd ~/.bittensor/bittensor && python3 -m pip install -e .

All the default Servers are in the following directory within the Bittensor root directory (~/.bittensor/bittensor).

For instance, to run a pythia miner, use the following command:

python3 ~/.bittensor/bittensor/neurons/text/prompting/Servers/pythia/ 

You can still use flags as before. For example to run the pythia miner in the test network (Test network has subnetwork UID 91 as the prompt subnetwork):

python3 ~/.bittensor/bittensor/neurons/text/prompting/Servers/pythia/ prompt_Servers --wallet.hotkey prompt_miner1 finney --subtensor.chain_endpoint wss:// --netuid 1

You can run the core validator by typing the following:

python3 ~/.bittensor/bittensor/neurons/text/prompting/Validators/core/